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February 18 2019

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February 14 2019

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February 12 2019

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Bernard Boutet de Monvel (French, 1881-1949)

Diane et Acteon, N/D

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Ramon Casas. Jove decadent. 1899

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La muse endormie -Constantin Brâncuși 

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Sarajevo, Bosnia. January 1994, By Jean Claude Coutausse

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February 09 2019

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February 08 2019

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February 07 2019

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February 06 2019

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February 04 2019

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Artwork By Ray Castelo 
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February 02 2019

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you'll be given love you'll be taken care of you'll be given love you have to trust it

maybe not from the sources
you have poured yours
maybe not from the directions
you are staring at
twist your head around
it's all around you
all is full of love
all around you

you just ain't receiving
your phone is off the hook
your doors are all shut
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